The lustful taste of every sin you’ve committed is masked by your innocent face.

I had to ruin you from the inside out.

I had to destroy any innocence left behind by those who couldn’t reach your soul.

I had to dig deep…deeper and deeper until you reached your climax at my demand.

Your innocence poured onto me.

Your taste so pure and sweet.

Your eyes staring into mine told me that every ounce of your being would always be at my disposal.

After all, I see right through to the real you.

To the world you’re everything but the woman you are when I dominate you.


& my universe became complete once i found safety in your touch

I have never had my body pushed to its limit or screamed with such passion before

You completely destroyed me and filled me up like a cup in dire need of wine

I am yours and yours alone

Touched in ways only you have mastered

And expertly carried out for my frame alone

Love in its most twisted and loyal form

My body still sore from your digging

And my heart is ripped out from its comfortable cavity

Beating alongside yours

A rhythm soulful and deep

I belong to you In every sense

Marked forever and for an eternity



Author: jayzamora

I don't know how to condense who I am into a sentence or even a paragraph for that matter. I'm 26, from New England, Mexican/European and a proud member of the LGBTQ community. I'm complicated, rough around the edges and have a twisted mind. Life experiences drive me to write. This is how I stay sane.

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