Bleeding hearts

Love is hard, painful.

You give your heart to someone thinking they’ll care for it the way you would theirs and in the end they give it back to you completely destroyed….a hundred stab wounds and what seems to be a never ending stream of blood.

You have to now sew up every cut and reattach it hoping it’ll heal and work the same again. It won’t though…your heart will never completely heal because scars never go away and all you need is for someone to open those same wounds again.

Now, every time you give your heart away you have to worry if they’ll just reopen those old wounds…who wants a heart full of scars anyways? Who wants a damaged heart when there’s thousands of whole healthy ones to choose from that you don’t have to worry about being careful with? Hearts that haven’t been broken, hearts that beat like they’re supposed to. No one wants the challenge of taking care of the wounded one.

Can you blame them? It’s messy…but if you take care of it that bleeding heart will love you more than any whole one could. I hope you don’t mind a little blood.



Author: jayzamora

I don't know how to condense who I am into a sentence or even a paragraph for that matter. I'm 26, from New England, Mexican/European and a proud member of the LGBTQ community. I'm complicated, rough around the edges and have a twisted mind. Life experiences drive me to write. This is how I stay sane.

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