Heaven and Hell

It’s common that people don’t believe in God’s existence or aren’t completely sure but so many people whether a believer in God or not are positive there is a heaven and hell. They believe based on your deeds, behavior and even the way your mind works you will definitely go to one or the other when you die.

I don’t believe in either. Although I may have a slight fascination with the idea of hell when it comes down to it I do not believe there is an existence.

The best argument I’ve had against it is when someone said: “If energy cannot be destroyed but can be transferred then when one dies it has to go somewhere and that would be heaven or hell.”

Although that’s a good point, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s correct and my theory may not be either but I personally believe that when ones physical body dies that their energy stays here on earth with us.

When people who are into spirituality put their energy into something whether it be a stone or any other object they are transferring good energy into it. When one summons energy from an ouija board they are rolling the dice so to speak because they may be putting good energy or bad energy into the universe and that will result in what spirits help them with their experience because after all, the spirits stay with us here on earth and they are the carriers of this energy.

I believe this also explains how people sometimes feel or see loved ones that have passed in their dreams or even in reality reaching out to them because after all they never left them. They are still here on earth which is why psychics can still reach out to them. If they were in another “world, place, universe” they’d be out of reach and wouldn’t be able to communicate with the living.

Again, this is my theory and you’re welcome to have your own.